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AZi® Doctor Tool Kit | Plastic Doctor Set Accessories | 3 Years and Up | Multicolor

AZi® Doctor Tool Kit | Plastic Doctor Set Accessories | 3 Years and Up | Multicolor

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POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT The toys boost fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and reasoning and problem-solving as the child plays and builds stories around the game. It can also encourage creativity during play. The child gets interested in doctors and their work.

LEARN AND PLAY The tool toys are constructive play. The child can learn a lot while playing, like names of different instruments, their functions, and different uses. The child can nurture an interest in medicine from a young age and stay motivated.

✔ ENTERTAINMENT The doctor’s kit with various realistic toys gets the child interested in creative and constructive play. The tools can keep your child occupied for a long time in productive play. The child has fun while also learning something new.

TODDLER SIZE The tool toys are small and the perfect size to be held by kids' hands. They can be held easily and also enhance motor coordination. The child’s fingers get dexterous playing with such fine toys. Your child can handle these toys with ease and enjoy their playtime with these bright, colourful toys.

SAFE AND KID-FRIENDLY It is made of super safe non-toxic plastic. It is odor-free. The surface is smooth and made of high-quality material. They are the perfect toys and completely safe for children.

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