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Funrally® Wooden Games Floating Ball Blow Tube & Foam Balls Blow Toys - Multicolor,Pack of 1 Set

Funrally® Wooden Games Floating Ball Blow Tube & Foam Balls Blow Toys - Multicolor,Pack of 1 Set

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Funrally presents fascinating age-appropriate toys which enhance child’s imagination and focuses on making kids artistic, experiential and smart. Funrally believes in bringing toys and games for kids which keep them busy and give them real-life examples while playing. Funrally gives special attention and brings only safe and non-toxic toys. All Funrally toys are specially selected by the team and our toys are meaningful, safe, interesting and engaging.

Challenge and have fun
This interesting toy comes with two Styrofoam balls. See how long you can make the ball float. Challenge family and friends. Great party favour and holiday gift. The floating ball game is an excellent example of "Bernoulli's Principle". As air is forced around the ball it must move faster in order to "catch up" on the other side. The result is a decrease in air pressure around the ball that in turn keeps the ball in place. The force is strong enough to resist other forces acting on the ball such as a subtle tap from your finger. The force can also overcome gravity if the flow of air is strong enough. This way you can teach your kids as well.

One toy and many benefits
This toy develops skills like hand and eye coordination, creativity and imagination, colour and shape recognition, object, sound recognition and does breathing exercises.

Good quality material
High quality wood is used which makes it durable and safe for kids, edges are polished and smooth. Also, this toy is handy and can be carried to different places along with us

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