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Silver Mirror Magic Cube (1 Pieces)

Silver Mirror Magic Cube (1 Pieces)

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Age Group : 3 years to 99 years.

Skill Development : Analysis & Critical Thinking, Creativity & Imagination, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Problem Solving, Memory Building For kids to develop their brain and logic For adults to release pressure after work Perfect coffee table puzzle, waiting room game, spare time game With its elegant and contemporary design, it is very popular Can change various appearances. Have the vivid mobility node Smooth turning and excellent rotation Brand new and high quality Great corner cutting, Tension adjustable Genuine Magic Cube Description It’s important to keep your kid involved in thought-provoking activities and brain-teaser games to develop his logical and mathematical skills. Buy this Rubik's Speed Cube for your child and gift your kid his/her first cube puzzle. 3D shape Puzzles Cube would an excellent illustration about keeping children busy. The unique thing about this toy is that you can make funny and crazy shapes by rotating the cubes in any direction you want. Smooth rotations make the kids more fun to play with. It improves imagination and creativity of the children by bringing out the innovative idea to solve. Such toys aggravate children more persistent to seek their goals longer span. This is a three-layer puzzle where your tot needs to rotate every side to match each color. It enhances his hand-eye-coordination and finger movements. The smooth turns help in increasing his speed and reduces the average time taken to solve the puzzle. The ease of movements makes the game interesting and gradually improve the imagination, memory and problem-solving skills of your kid.

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